This lovely Georgian had a back and front yard that had been neglected for some time. We added a small paver patio and walkway in the back yard, and in the front we yard added to the limestone retaining wall and planted a Japanese Maple and many beautiful shrubs including low growing apricot colored roses.



Hyde Park Reverend

A neglected front yard at a fabulous 1890’s Greystone on private Midway Park in Hyde Park. We planted a Japanese Maple front and center for privacy and planted a variety of shade tolerant shrubs and perennials. We re-used many of his existing plants in the new landscape.



Kenwood Bluestone (backyard)

We relocated a large storage shed to the back of the yard and opened up the yard for this entertaining family. A large bluestone patio, several varieties of flowering fragrant viburnums and lots of shade tolerant perennials make this patio a “party yard” for entertaining.




Kenwood (front)

Neighbors referred to this Howard Van Doren Shaw house as “the scary house” because of the overgrown shrubbery in front. We installed a limestone retaining wall and planted a variety of flowering shrubs and perennials.




Large Backyard in Hyde Park

This is the biggest project to date for us. This property is 50’ wide x 200’ deep. These folks wanted a focal point bluestone patio with firepit and seat wall. We added three trees, more than 20 shrubs and at least 120 perennials. With a large yard like this we were able to put in larger groups of perennials like 20 red Monarda and 20 fall blooming Anemone that will be visible from the house.




Lincoln Park

We were able to bring in some gold and green leaved plants to brighten up this small front yard.




Lower Patio

We removed a 4’ deep raised planting bed along the outside wall and almost doubled the usable patio space. We installed one-piece limestone steps with low-voltage lights on every other step to guide the way. The same lights were installed under the stone ledge that runs the length of the front brick wall.




North Center

We took a boring front yard and transformed it into a one-of-a-kind front yard. We put in a “dry creek bed” lined with river rocks to direct the rainwater to a reservoir at the corner of the property. The homeowners asked for a stone “cairn” and we researched it and built one.




North Edgebrook

We removed 7 small scrubby trees from the front yard to open up the front of this yellow brick bungalow. We were able to transplant the three beautiful Daphne shrubs and added a Japanese Maple and some colorful shrubs and perennials.



Ravenswood Manor

A poorly designed back porch and stairs were replaced with a smaller porch with stairs leading directly to the patio and garage. We also removed an oversized wood raised bed and instead built a stone raised bed along the garage and we were able to increase the usable patio space by about 40 square feet which is a lot in a small backyard.




Ravenswood Manor 2

We removed 50 year old yews from this clients front yard and replaced them with a small Magnolia tree, Knock Out Roses, Geranium ‘Rozanne’ Echinacea, sedums and other perennials. There is always something blooming in this garden.




Sufi (front)

This east facing front yard had nothing going for it. Scraggly grass, a few daylilies and not much else. We put in beautiful Oak Leaf Hydrangeas, roses, boxwoods, a variegated dogwood, a dwarf lilac shrub  and lots of sun loving perennials. In three years it has matured into a very lush, colorful garden.